The Changing World of Food Retail

The changing conditions across the world demand that businesses implement the right strategy to cope with new realities. Change could be segmented and conceptualized into two broad categories. Firstly, there is an evolutionary class in which an organization decides to resist the change manifesting around them. The second is an approach that is strategic and rational in which organizations develop a roadmap to implement change because they have identified a need or demand for it (Flood & Fennell, 1995, p. 69). Usually, both categories are motivated and propelled by varying possibilities which can be further segmented into internal or external factors. McDonald’s, a leading multinational corporation in the fast-food chain sector has initiated extensive changes in operation, process and structure since it first opened its doors to customers in 1948.

These changes continued throughout its early years till today and the initiatives have been largely evolutionary in nature and noticeably driven by external factors. For considerably large businesses like McDonald with its long expansionist history, change management is an integral part of its playbook. And as a successful franchise, unpacking McDonald’s change management strategies can provide valued insight for other organizations to design their change policies. This understanding is expedient to scale and maintain competitive edge in such a changing world. This report is aimed at analyzing the change implementation process of McDonald in the last few years using viewpoint of popular change management models. Furthermore, this report will identify the drivers of change and providing relevant recommendations.

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