Peering Into The Change Process of a Global Retailer

In 2020, McDonald’s launched ‘Accelerating the Arches’, a robust digital growth strategy to optimize the company’s business as one of the world’s leading omnichannel restaurant. McDonald’s (2020) published a detailed figure to visualize the strategy. The growth strategy was designed around company’s identity: Digital, Delivery and Drive-thru otherwise known as 3D. The company anticipate that digital sales will register more than USD10 billion in 2020 owing to consumer changing behaviour influenced by COVID-19. In 2021 across its top markets in the world, further investments would be made in technology for the ‘MyMcDonald’s’ program. McDonald’s also plan to develop facilities that can take automated order and drive-thru lanes, thereby doubling down on its 3D ambition. Apprente and Dynamic Yields, two digital device companies were both acquired by the McDonald’s with an aim to support its new digital strategy. Given this setup, the company’s new growth strategy will secure its business as a change agent in the global restaurant market and also help overcome the challenges occasioned by the COVID-19 which immensely affected the its overall sales due to limited operations.

FIGURE 1: Accelerating the Arches Strategic Plan (McDonald’s, 2020). Available from
Change is disruptive and not always welcomed by individuals and organization. Usually, rejection and the demand for information is the first reaction to change. This action can be accompanied by several emotional expressions such as anger and depression. And at the point when change is accepted, those affected may require some level of support to adjust and get accustomed to the change. Hence, clear communication of the changes desired and the vision behind the decision is vital in the process of implementing change.

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