Summary of Diamond Platnumz Bio & Networth

PopuBio lar Tanzanian musician Nasibu Abdul Jumma is notorious under his stage name Diamond Platnumz. His surname sounds really rich and he truly makes a lot of plutocrat thanks to his music. As of 2022, Diamond Platnumz’s net worth is estimated to be amazing$ 4 million. He charges at least sh7.5 million ($) per bone show.

How Did Diamond Platnumz Get So Rich?

Nasibu was born 2 October 1989 in Tandale, Tanzania. He’s Muslim and supports CCM political party. He lives with his gal Zarinah Hassan who’s notorious under surname Zarithebosslady. In 2015, Zarinah gave birth to their first child, son named Lattiffah. Before he dated Zarinah, Wema Sepetu was Diamond’s gal.

His by far most notorious song is called Number One. Thanks to this singl, Platnumz won several awards in 2014. For Utmost Blessed Freshman, Utmost Blessed East, and Utmost Blessed Afro Pop. But we’re sure he is n’t one megahit wonder. This joe has a gift and big future ahead of him.

Although large knob of his net worth come directly from his music, Diamond Platnumz has also several other sources of income. He has economic countersign deals with Coca-Cola, Vodacom Tanzania, and other companies. He loves luxury vehicles and recenly bought one and gave it to his mama as a birthday present. It was gray Toyota Harrier known in USA as Lexus RX330

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